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Vojin Perić

Chitter-chatter of life: I rolled-in in December, just like a snowball, in the year 1959. I received a necklace made of stones with just few pearls in it – affinity for art and two gems – my wife Ana-Maria and my daughter Anja.

Gallery LANA ŠARIĆ: Balada o pingvinu - Vojin Perić MIGUEL DE CERVANTES: Don Quijote - Vojin Perić W. FAULKNER: Kad ležah na samrti - Vojin Perić

Snow has melted, buds of flame bloomed into a fire, life started a game with me and I accepted to play this match without a winner, this poetic-pathetic martial art whose moves and bruises make the actor of “New Life”. I do not perform on the boards that mean life, I perform on the boards that are life; I am no one’s stage partner, I am the plot itself, the net woven by our acting and human reciprocity.

To introduce myself through the details of my autobiography would not make sense. It would turn me into simple facts while I was created for the moment that lasts for eternity. If you are wondering, respected reader, why am I so smug and bold to play with the big words, I will tell you one thing. My goal is achievable – it is to be ordinary and to be excellent at it!


    • 1981.
      Branko Ćopić "VUK BUBALO"; directed by Mirko Merle
    • 1983.
      Jaroslav Hašek "THE GOOD SOLDIER ŠVEJK"; directed by Mirko Merle
    • 1985.
      Branislav Nušić "SUSPICIOUS PERSON"; directed by Mirko Merle
    • 1986.
      Fadil Hadžić "GOOD MORNING,THIEVES"; directed by Mirko Merle
    • 1988.
      Pero Budak "THE BALL OF WOOL"; directed by Mirko Merle
    • 1990.
      J.B.P. Molière "SCAPIN’S INTRIGUES"; directed by Nina Kleflin
    • 1991.
      Lope de Vega "THE QUICK-WITTED GIRL"; directed by Nina Kleflin
    • 1992.
      Hans Weigl "DOCTOR HLADNY"; directed by Nina Kleflin
    • 1992.
      Siniša Glavašević "VUKOVAR STORIES"; directed by Mirko Merle
    • 1994.
      J.B.P. Molière "SCAPIN’S INTRIGUES"; directed by Nina Kleflin
    • 1994.
    • 1995.
      D.I. Harms “HARMS-ČARMS-ŠARDAM” (the fictitious world in 6 images); directed by Nina Kleflin
    • 1996.
    • 1997.
      Fadil Hadžić "OPERATOR"; directed by Zoran Mužić
    • 1997.
      P.A.C. Beaumarchais "FIGARO'S WEDDING"; directed by Nina Kleflin
    • 1998.
      Borislav Vujčić "COBWEB OF THE OPEN SEA"; directed by Zoran Mužić
    • 1998.
      D.I. Harms "ZEROS AND NILS"; directed by Nina Kleflin
    • 1999.
      Radovan Ivšić "KING GORDOGAIN"; directed by Nina Kleflin
    • 2000.
      Vojin Perić "BUY CROATIAN"; directed by Nina Kleflin
    • 2001.
      D.I. Harms "ZEROS AND NILS"; directed by Nina Kleflin
    • 2002.
      Sophocles "OEDIPUS REX"; directed by Nina Kleflin
    • 2003.
      Felix Mitterer "DEADLY SINS"; directed by Mario Kovač
    • 2003.
      Vojin Perić "I AM LOOKING FOR A JOB"; directed by Nina Kleflin
    • 2005.
      Hristo Boychev "HANNIBAL UNDERGROUND"; directed by Nina Kleflin
    • 2005.
      Alfred Jarry "KING UBU"; directed by Ivan Plazibat
    • 2006.
      David Ives "CHOSEN BY ĐELO HADŽISELIMOVIĆ"; directed by Mario Kovač
    • 2007.
      Ksenija Zec - Saša Božić "NOS VAMOS A VER"
    • 2007.
      Vojin Perić "THIEVERY NEVER ENDS"; directed by Vojin Perić
    • 2007.
      Franz Kafka "THE TRIAL"; directed by Ivan Plazibat
    • 2008.
      Prema motivima Helen Aberson "CHARLIE THE CIRCUS ELEPHANT"; directed by Anica Tomić
    • 2009.
      Ksenija Zec - Saša Božić "NICE TO SEE YOU"
    • 2010.
      Ana Prolić Kragić – created according to José Saramago's Essays on blindness „WHITE, WHITE, WHITE"; directed by Mario Kovač
    • 2010.
      Saša Božić "THE CHURCH"; directed by Saša Božić
    • 2010.
      Lana Šarić "A BALLAD OF A PENGUIN"; directed by Ivan Plazibat
    • 2011.
      J.B.P. Molière "THE MISER"; directed by Maja Šimić
    • 2012.
    • 2013.
      E. Ionesco "THE BALD SOPRANO"; directed by Ana Prolić
    • 2013.
      V. Perić "AND HOW DO YOU MAKE LOVE?"; directed by Vojin Perić
    • 2014.
      W. Faulkner "AS I LAY DYING"; directed by Ksenija Zec and Saša Božić
    • 2014.
      Petra Radin "DINOSAURS"; directed by Petra Radin
    • 2015.
      Petra Radin "I REMEMBERED THE BLUE YESTERDAY"; directed by Petra Radin
    • 2015.
      Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra "DON QUIXOTE – THE INGENIOUS GENTLEMAN OF LA MANCHA""; directed by Ana Prolić
    • 2016.
      Ivo Andrić "THE DAMNED YARD"; directed by Mario Kovač
    • 2017.
      Pero Budak "THE BALL OF STRING"; directed by Željko Duvnjak
    • 2018.
      Vojin Perić "THE OLM"; directed by Petra Radin
    • 2018.
      E. Ionesco "JACK OR SUBMISSION"; directed by Ana Prolić
    • Film:
    • 2004.
      "GLUTTONY"; directed by Mario Kovač
    • 2018.
      "THE COTTAGE"; directed by Damir Čuček