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Experience the magical „smell of the theatre“ and illusions which are created on the boards that mean life.

Poster - Jack, or the Submission REPERTOAR - Eugène Ionesco

Eugène Ionesco: Jack, or the Submission

Jack, the son of mom Jack and dad Jack, the grandson of grandpa Jack, also Jackie's brother, the main character of Eugene Ionesco's 1950 play of the same name, doesn't approve.

Poster - The Ball of String Repertoar - Pero Budak

Pero Budak: The Ball of String

It got tangled and intertwined from mistake to confusion, from deceit to comedy and no one knows who does what and why, the words get misunderstood and only love has roots deep and wide as weed....

Poster - I Remembered the Blue Yesterday Repertoar - Petra Radin

Petra Radin: I Remembered the Blue Yesterday

What is blindness? It is a physical darkness and a world in which colors take forms creating a unique palette, or the stare of healthy eyes and non-recognition of others and otherness. The...

Poster - The Damned Yard Repertoire - Ivo Andrić

Ivo Andrić: The Damned Yard

"The Damned Yard", novel by Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andrić, served as a template to our play of the same name. His characters find themselves in Istanbul prison and, faced with the slow passage...

Poster - The Olm Repertoire - Vojin Perić

Vojin Perić: The Olm

Have you ever heard water babbling a story? Have you ever seen it create images with its pearls of cold and carrying that unique kaleidoscope to its kingdom – a cave so deep, dark and cold which...

Poster - Think Before you Speak Repertoire -


We have decided to take your wise little heads on a long and unusual journey to wonder through the thoughts and little wisdoms of our ancestors, to meet the sayings that make our everyday life...