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BIT Festival

Blind in Theatre, 12th International Theater Festival of Blind and Visually Impaired, Zagreb, 09 October - 13 October 2023


Theater company MIST was founded in 2007.  We are an inclusive company for children and young people with disabilities, so our goal is to include them in the creative act of dramatic creation. Involvement in these activities encourages these young people to grow, to develop and improve their life skills; it empowers individuals, improves social inclusion which promotes equality, raises cultural awareness, individual expression… Over the years, we have realized a few project–plays through the workshop drama-pedagogical process.  Our projects regularly deal with socially important themes aimed at children (“Drugačiji si, to je baš cool”, (You’re different, that’s so cool), “Ana Liza i vesela ordinacija” (Ana Liza and the happy clinic); ,”Pjegavica lva” (Freckled Iva), etc.), or we give priority to Croatian authors (Jelena Pervan: “Pjegava lva” (Freckled Iva); Ana Đokić Pongrašić: ,”Vitez željeznog srca” (Knight of the iron heart), “Ja, zvekan” (Me, the fool), “Grozdana na zrnu papra” (Grozdana on the peppercorn)).  We also use Croatian heritage in dramaturgy, costume design and stage design, (“Pričaooovnica” (Stooorytelling), “Tajna orlove krune” (Secret of the eagle’s crown)). Since 2008, we have cooperated with CKI Maksimir (Center for culture and information) on an annual basis, and we perform our plays and workshops on the Center’s premises.

Author / Eoin Colfer
Director / Maja Lay
Stage designer and costume designer / Ana Biondić
Music by / Ivan Marojević
Designer of promotional material / Roberta Stanić
Professional leadership and organization / Anita Matković

Dajana Biondić
Matija Major
Anita Matković

The play “Ana Liza and the happy clinic” is based on the illustrated book “Anna Liza and the happy clinic” (first edition Barrington Stoke Ltd., 2016, UK) written by a well—known Irish author Eoin Colfer. The play deals with mental health issues and the ways in which children perceive these issues. Ana Liza wants to become a doctor, just like her mom. But not just any doctor, she wants to be a brain doctor – a psychiatrist. However, it’s not easy to become a doctor, let alone a psychiatrist, and Ana Liza will realize that when she meets Edi, a boy who is very sad for one simple reason – because his dad is sad. How will they solve this problem? Come and see the ingenious Ana Liza and all her ideas. Maybe you are Ana Liza yourself?

Duration: 35 minutes
Language: Croatian

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