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Vojin Perić
The Olm - Festival Ana in The City

Date 22.06.2019 Location Dubrovnik Time 20:00 Price
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Poster: The Olm 22.6.2019.

About the play

Have you ever heard water babbling a story? Have you ever seen it create images with its pearls of cold and carrying that unique kaleidoscope to its kingdom – a cave so deep, dark and cold which brings you to the land of your deepest dreams? Have you?

Gallery Čovječja ribica Čovječja ribica - Vojin Perić, Suzana Bliznac Čovječja ribica - Suzana Bliznac
Duration 40 Minutes

A Story of the Olm, Water, and Freedom

Have you ever heard of an Olm, a mysterious little endemic species which lives far away from everyone, surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites, allergic to light and explorers who keep looking for it? She is actually royalty – an amphibian, crème de la crème, and in the story I’m about to tell you it carries a message, deep as water and the cave in which it lives.


This is an introduction to water which will take us and a little goldfish Željko on a journey to meet a little girl Vida, Štipko the crab, Šuško the bat and many water bubbles which clumsily burst, splash and splatter, like sweet little goodnight kisses. The character you won’t see, but you will definitely feel all its beauty, is freedom and it will engulf and bring happiness to all the other characters, as well as to all those in the audience.

I have no intention of revealing the deepest secrets of the story, so I will leave you to Željko, the goldfish, one little girl and an Olm to take you to the kingdom where the sun can’t breach but imagination rules, especially when it comes from a child’s mind and turns into freedom.

Vojin Perić

I’m a little amphibian,
Crème de la crème living being,
I’ve been here for years and more
But water was here before.
I live in different caves
far from light and engulfed in dark waves.
My name and skin are like yours,
But I’m endemic, unlike you folks.
It’s what scientists also said
And they make me want to go mad.
Although I have no idea what I mean by that.

Premier: March 2018

Authors and actors

  • Director: Petra Radin
  • Stage Design, Costume Design, props and puppets : Sara Lovrić - Caparin
  • Composer: Željko Špoljarić
  • Johannes Brahms: Lullaby (Uspavanka)
  • Lighting design : Nenad Lalović
  • Choreographer: Maja Kovač
  • Graphic design : kunazlatica
  • Photographer: Jasenko Rasol
  • Stage manager : David Čavara
  • Technical support : Branko Ostojić, Tea Bešić, Nenad Lalović


  • Water, mom - Dajana Biondić
  • Vida, the little girl - Suzana Bliznac
  • The Olm - Milenko Zeko
  • Željko, the goldfish - Vojin Perić