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Petra Radin
I Remembered the Blue Yesterday - Festival Ana in The City

Date 22.06.2019 Location Dubrovnik Time 20:00 Price
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Poster: I Remembered the Blue Yesterday 16.12.

About the play

What is blindness? It is a physical darkness and a world in which colors take forms creating a unique palette, or the stare of healthy eyes and non-recognition of others and otherness. The physical and most “viewed” blindness is the worst for those it happened to, but the other one, the blindness you can’t see, blinds you with its “points of view”, sickens everything around it and leads us into darkness that even the sun can’t breach.

Gallery PETRA RADIN: Jučer sam se sjetio plave - Suzana Bliznac, Vojin Perić PETRA RADIN: Jučer sam se sjetio plave - Milenko Zeko, Dajana Biondić PETRA RADIN: Jučer sam se sjetio plave - Suzana Bliznac, Vojin Perić, Milenko Zeko, Dajana Biondić
Duration 60 Minutes

This play is a short, lovely passenger in your lives. With glowing, colorful eyes, she is dressed to catch your eye and turn your head around so that you could spend an hour or so flirting with her. She doesn’t want to smooch you, or temporarily intertwine her fingers with yours, pinch your cheek and awaken in you the false hope for love at first touch. She is all of us embraced at the Theatrical Company of the Blind and Visually Impaired “New Life”. She is us who feel sorry for all those who feel sorry for us, us who know very well how people don’t see us and turn us into charity while the seats in the auditorium stay empty because we don’t deserve to be a theatre.

She’s rude, that little passenger, - you say to yourself, - how does she dare to break prejudices and tell truth to our face??? But believe us, she’s not. She’s   all of us. We who are honest and we who love you, need you and invite you to join us and share the equality!

One by one, you stand in line to buy the ticket and you come to us with different expectations. Group after group rolls with laughter and rewards us with applause while we wait for the waterfall, we desire that spontaneous conversation that will happen somewhere in the tram or in some waiting room…”I went to the theater yesterday”…”Actors were really good”!! “Honey, let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day. There’s a love play performed by the Theatrical Company of the Blind!”

This is what we want. We want to be you! We want to be everyone! We want colors and sounds, touches and smells intertwined with our lives and we want us all to be together as blue in the sky and blue in the sea, as pink in the flowers and pink in the spring, as a romantic tune in d-minor.

Vojin Perić

Premier: 27th Feb 2015

Authors and actors

  • Text and direction: Petra Radin
  • Movement and choreography: Staša Zurovac
  • Costume design: Katarina Radošević Galić
  • Stage design: Mario Mišković
  • Lighting design: Nenad Lalović
  • Composer: Saša Miočić
  • Text spoken by Vojin Perić accompanied by the music of Pink Floyd - written by Vojin Perić.
  • Child’s voice: Rita Miočić
  • Costumes made by: Tamara Šantek-Zlatar
  • Graphic design : kunazlatica
  • Photographer: Jasenko Rasol


  • Dajana Biondić, and dog Zdenko
  • Suzana Bliznac
  • Milenko Zeko
  • Vojin Perić
  • Lovro Mašković

  • Stage manager: David Čavara
  • Technical support: Tea Bešić, Nenad Lalović, Branko Ostojić