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Ana Prolić

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Poster: Think Before you Speak Repertoire

About the play

We have decided to take your wise little heads on a long and unusual journey to wonder through the thoughts and little wisdoms of our ancestors, to meet the sayings that make our everyday life and habits.

Gallery ANA PROLIĆ: Ispeci, pa reci - autori i glumci ANA PROLIĆ: Ispeci, pa reci - autori i glumci ANA PROLIĆ: Ispeci, pa reci - Vojin Perić

There are five sayings we very often meet in our everyday life and use them when we want to define or name something. We turned those five sayings into five short stories and made an unprecedented theatrical quintet.

The first saying teaches children that “Brain is better than brawn”. Three villagers will help us tell this story. The first villager is strong, the second one is the strongest and the third one is weak which is why the other two villagers mock him.

The second saying teaches us that “You can succeed in anything by being polite”. Actors in this story are three playful children who first get into an argument and then, as another saying says “after the rain comes the sun”, they make up and keep playing as if nothing happened.

The third story is connected to medicine, but it can be applied in everyday life as well. Saying “better safe than sorry” describes a clumsy, playful and curious little girl who doesn’t want to listen to her parents. Only when she gets sick she accepts their advice.

The next story takes place in a park in which one little bench tries to support three adults. As long as the adults don’t care about each other, they can’t sit on the bench. However, “a house divided against itself cannot stand”, so when they start caring about one another, they sit comfortably and feed the pigeons.

In the last story there are three witches who don’t really like small children because children are playful, cheerful, lively, smart and simply the best. The witches are trying to make a potion to make children’s brains small, to make their bodies slow and to keep them at home while they make the rules of the world and games. However, “what goes around, comes around”, the witches themselves become slow and their brains become small because they drank the potion.

All five stories are connected through choreography which shows how the sayings used to pass from generation to generation, from ear to ear and how they travelled through time to reach us.

The aim of the play is to show children the folk wisdom and awake it in their little smart heads.

Our ancestors left us the treasure we mustn’t neglect nor forget!

Vojin Perić

Premier: September 2012.

Authors and actors

They do the thinking:

  • Anita Matković
  • Dajana Biondić
  • Vojin Perić

They think before they speak:

  • Writer and director: Ana Prolić
  • Lyrics: Vojin Perić
  • Choreographer: Tamara Savičević
  • Costume design and props master: Maša Žarnić
  • Composer: Nenad Kovačić
  • Lighting design: Nenad Laović
  • Stage manager: Tea Bešić
  • Technical support: Branko Ostojić, Nenad Lalović